The Soul of the Earth Awakens!

The Soul of the Earth Awakens!

A little over a year ago, I released the first chapter of Eternity’s Empire, a series of short stories featuring college girls who discover they have the power of ancient goddesses. It was an experiment, really, to fill the gap between major projects. While I have finished at least two large novels since I started working on Eternity’s Empire, neither is likely to see publication for a little while yet – in part because I haven’t yet decided what their path will be.

Eternity’s Empire was also a chance to stretch long dormant muscles. I went into this story with only a rough outline of the first ten chapters and decided to let my imagination do the rest. And boy has the story taken me places I didn’t imagine it would! A year later, that first rough sketch of a world built upon all of our rich mythologies has solidified into its own unique universe filled with things I can’t wait to share with you.

Releasing the second installment of the Eternity’s Empire Collection feels like a major milestone to me, in part because I wasn’t sure the story would ever survive this long. Though future installments will take longer to produce, I intend to make them worth the wait. Thank you for taking this journey with me. And if this is your first experience with Eternity’s Empire – you’re in for a wild ride!

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The Guardians of Aeternitas know the truth about how and why they came to Earth. But the truth can’t reverse the damage.

The awakening of Shima’s dormant powers triggers a series of latent memories, providing everyone a shocking series of revelations. Now that Erica and her friends understand the origins of their goddess-like powers, a new mystery unfolds around them. The struggle in which they are embroiled is centuries old, and more complex than they could have imagined.

Poised on the brink of war, the guardians of Aeternitas must now work with the same people who hunted them mere hours before. But the alliance is tenuous at best, and it seems not all their former enemies are interested in working together. Time is running out; but if the threat of war can’t unite them, what else can?

This book contains chapters 6-10 of the Eternity’s Empire saga (Soul of the Earth, Guardian’s Oath, Crumbling Reality, Warrior’s Folly, and Sun Goddess’s Gambit), previously published separately.

If you missed the first half of Eternity’s Empire, don’t despair! Click the cover below:

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