Curse of Chronos – – Available Now!

Curse of Chronos – – Available Now!

My apologies to anyone who has been waiting for chapter three of Eternity’s Empire. When my computer died this summer, it threw a lot of things into chaos. I hoped to pull it all back together in time for the release but, alas, it didn’t happen. So I’m sorry about the extra week of waiting. But the day has finally arrived!

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Days seem to be repeating.

Erica wakes from a strangely vivid dream expecting the cold of the Antarctic but finds herself in Buffalo, New York trying to negotiate her way back to the frozen southern continent. For her friends, homework and test answers easily supply themselves and nothing seems quite right.

While Erica searches desperately for a friend whose contact information has suddenly vanished from her lexicon, her friends try to determine why they all seem to be in the wrong time and place. And why no one can get in touch with Birgit. Were the goddess powers all a dream? Or has something gone terribly wrong?

Eternity’s Empire is a series of short stories following the adventures of Erica and her friends which began in Crystal Shrouded Goddess. Each is about 10,000 words long.

Eternity’s Empire features a diverse cast of young women trying to make sense of the host of mythical elements suddenly invading their lives. It draws inspiration from various different mythologies (including Hindu, Greek, Norse, Japanese and Egyptian) as well as a story near and dear to my heart: Sailor Moon.

Purchase Curse of Chronos (or any of the previous chapters) from Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo or the Apple store. I hope to have the fourth chapter in your hands by mid-September (as long as no more of my important electronics die ^^;; ). If you missed Crystal Shrouded Goddess, click here!

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