Huge Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Sale

Huge Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Sale

In case the picture isn’t enough to get you excited, allow me to introduce an exciting promotion! Over 150 indie authors have teamed up for this sale! If you’re looking for some awesome science fiction and fantasy reads, look no further. Each book, or box set, is on sale for just 99 cents.

As you’ve probably guessed, Island of Lost Forevers is one of them. But really there are so many great offers here, please take the time to look over them. As as super special thanks for stopping by the blog on a weekend, here’s a blurb ;)

An Ancient Tradition…
Sentomoru peered down the tip of his nose at Damian’s prone position. “You couldn’t have hoped to win this little challenge against me. My power far outclasses yours.”

He couldn’t argue with that; Sentomoru not only caught him off guard, he knocked Damian flat with as little effort as it took to breathe. That hadn’t failed to make an impression on him. Even if he could break free of his chains, even if he could bend the considerable power of the island to his will, he couldn’t defeat Sentomoru in a battle of brute force. Willpower simply wasn’t enough.

But in a test of wits? Now there’s an area I might have the advantage. If I could clip his wings, limit the amount of power he could throw at me at any given time, I would at least have a chance. Surrounded as he was by luxury and power, Sentomoru probably didn’t have a concept of prudence. Damian, on the other hand, knew how make a small amount of power go a long way. He flaunts what he has. And he’s underestimated me.

It took effort not to grin. “That wasn’t a challenge, Sentomoru, but this is; I challenge you to prove your honor in the old ways. You must honor the old traditions or you forfeit by default. And don’t you remember the warning, Sentomoru? Anyone who denies or cheats the laws which bind our power loses their ability to wield it.”

Sentomoru pursed his lips, regarding his captive in silence. His cool exterior didn’t fool Damian; he could see the cracks. Lines of tension formed at the corners of Sentomoru’s mouth and eyes. “If it were a genuine challenge, there might be a risk.”

Damian leaned as far forward as his bonds permitted. “Oh it’s a genuine challenge, Sentomoru. Is loss of your considerable power something you’re willing to risk?”

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