SFFSat – What Catilen Saw

SFFSat – What Catilen Saw

This week’s snippet continues from last week’s. It comes from Crossroads of Frozen Eternity, the second book of the Mystic Island Trilogy.

In the dim light of the village lanterns, a figure took shape. Long hair and billowing robes trailed behind him, a blot in the night. As she stood, Catilen rekindled her mage light, extinguished by the interruption to her concentration. The face it illuminated made her skin crawl. Dressed in gold-embroidered crimson robes, braided hair draped over one shoulder, stood the former lord of the isle.

He looked solid, not a ghost. The mage light reflected in his eyes, revealing a look of concerned surprise. His features were as fine as she remembered, more delicate than the artists portrayed him in their paintings, from his high cheekbones to the slant of his eyes. A perfectly manicured goatee framed his chin.

Catilen didn’t pause to think; she summoned the island’s power to her fingers. She didn’t bother to hide her strength, wanting whoever crafted this illusion to sense it. “If you are a spirit, be gone. If you are some mage-creation, your master would be wise to dispel you. I will not hesitate to strike.”

Catilen may have recovered, but she still doesn’t seem pleased. You can read the first three chapters of Crossroads of Frozen Eternity for free, right here on my site. It’s available for purchase on Amazon and Smashwords (other sale links on the side bar).

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  1. Her skin may crawl at the sight, but she isn’t screaming or panicking – she’s responding with strength and intelligence. I don’t give much for the “ghost”‘s chances.

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