SFFS – A Touch of Magic

SFFS – A Touch of Magic

My excerpt this week comes from Island of Lost Forevers, the first book in the Mystic Island Trilogy.

Breathing deep to steady his nerves, Damian lowered his defenses. He couldn’t sense emotional echoes the way Catilen did, but he had other ways of tracking people. Everyone left a distinctive energy signature. With a bit of magical effort, he could distinguish between them the same way a bloodhound discerned specific scents. He’d have to use his personal reserves. He’d hesitated to exhaust himself while lost in the jungle, but he’d soon be in a position to recharge.

The magic jumped at his call, unlike when he used the island’s energy. Catilen’s presence filled the room at varying levels of decay. She’d spent a lot of time here over the past few days, but even her most recent signature was several hours old. The impression washed out, like clothes hung too long in the sun.

Sentomoru’s presence tainted the air like an oil spill. He recognized it because he’d peeked at their host’s energy signature. He’d never dared do so in the man’s presence, but he’d checked the office after Sentomoru’s departure.

He didn’t bother looking for servants, guards or guests as he followed Catilen’s energy signature back into the hallway. Her presence grew stronger with each step, as did his resolve.

You can read the first three chapters of Island of Lost Forevers for free, right here on my site. It’s available for purchase on Amazon and Smashwords (other sale links on the side bar).

Please check out Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturdays for excerpts from other fantastic authors! I’m hoping to do this every week, so stay tuned!

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  1. Hi Megan! First off, welcome to SFFSat! I enjoyed the idea of tracking people through their magical auras and I really liked the line “tainted the air like an oil spill”. Looking forward to reading more!

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