On Social Media and Media Bias Filters

Way back in the long ago, what feels like forever now, I wrote a post about whose responsibility it is to protect our privacy on social media. While Facebook does have the ability to prevent us from posting our credit card information, that doesn’t excuse us from acting intelligently and responsibly. Fast forward to the… Read more »

Meta Museum

When you only have one day to spend at the British Museum, where do you start? My husband and I were lucky enough to be members for a year and, during that time, we tried to visit as many sections of the museum as possible. But when his family came to visit, we had only… Read more »

Grace Under Pressure

One of the most interesting stories from our time in England begins with our inability to find a plunger. Stay with me. It seems that toilet plungers aren’t a big thing in England. We couldn’t find a store that sold one. And when your toilet’s clogged, ordering online isn’t really helpful. After trying three places,… Read more »

The Elgin Marbles

My husband is sometimes sent to London for workshops. So when they sent him on a Friday, the night the British Museum is open late, we decided we’d spend a few more hours exploring its hallowed halls. A friend had already asked what we thought of the Elgin Marbles, so we made that our first… Read more »

When Time Began to Tick

Lest you think I forgot… Some time ago I mentioned our first trip to the British Museum and the time we spent wandering the Egyptian exhibits. Believe it or not, the day was only half over at that point. My husband wanted to check out the early British history section, so that was our next… Read more »

Egypt, Egypt, Egypt

When we learned we were coming to England, there was never any question we’d visit the British Museum several times. It’s the kind of must-see location you wouldn’t want to cram into a single day. Even approaching the building was exciting. In England, there seem to be a lot of large gates with small doors… Read more »

Always Check the Weather

When we finally got settled into our apartment, we took our first serious look at sightseeing since our arrival. Turns out English schools have a half-term break for every term (and three terms). Unlike the usual two terms that we’re used to. Canadian schools don’t get a major break until Christmas, so it was a… Read more »

Protection in the Digital Age

I wrote last week about the responsibility of security in the digital world. Whether or not you agree with the policy, part of maintaining security rests in the hands of users. As I mentioned briefly before, we expect those growing up with computer technology to possess a certain common sense in regards to its use…. Read more »

Security in the Digital Age

Internet security is a hot-button topic. And why shouldn’t it be? We live in a wired world. We put all our information into the giant world web, and there are plenty of people lurking in the shadows, waiting for a chance to take it. It seems every month a major company is hacked. Account names… Read more »

Heavy Metal Literature

Some time ago an article circulated on Twitter about a university professor basing a course on the music of Iron Maiden. I instantly shared it with my husband, who is both a huge Iron Maiden fan and an English teacher. Ten years ago, if someone handed me a similar article, I would have rolled my… Read more »