Support; the Secret to a Writer’s Survival

Sometimes, writing feels like the worst, most thankless task in the world. It never fails; on the heels of my greatest high – finishing my first trilogy – follows the rollercoaster plunge toward my greatest low. Why did I bother to spend the last five years on this project? Who is going to read it?… Read more »

Get Published Podcast

My co-author, James, and I recently appeared on the Get Published Podcast. We talked about long-distance collaboration, self-publishing and, of course, Island of Lost Forevers. I’m a bit late to the punch with this announcement (sorry about that), but one of the joys of the Internet is infinite shelf space; check it out! Get Published… Read more »

Breaking the Bubble

People don’t believe me anymore when I tell them I’m shy. “But you’re so outgoing!” They’ll say. “You never seem to have trouble interacting with anyone!” But they don’t know it’s all an act. There’s lots of comics floating around on the Internet explaining what it’s like to be an introvert. Until I read them,… Read more »

Blog Hop Extravaganza

I’ve been tagged by the lovely E.M. Wynter to participate in a blog hop! Hurray! It’s my first time, so I hope I’ve formatted everything properly. Hop on over to E’s blog and check her out (cuz she’s awesome)! The questions are a great mix of things I’ve touched on before and new topics so… Read more »

Protection in the Digital Age

I wrote last week about the responsibility of security in the digital world. Whether or not you agree with the policy, part of maintaining security rests in the hands of users. As I mentioned briefly before, we expect those growing up with computer technology to possess a certain common sense in regards to its use…. Read more »

5 Myths About Video Games

I think I’ve well established the fact that I’m a gamer. I like experiencing stories, whether it be puzzling it out through a point-and-click or making the tough choices thrown my way in an RPG. Despite the growing popularity of the gaming industry, people still cling to certain myths surrounding the media. 1. Violent Video… Read more »

Those Who Follow

I’m not a social media guru. I can’t and won’t claim to be. I’ve been poking around the Twitterverse for about a year, and I’ve learned a lot. There are tons of posts on how you can grow your Twitter following; this isn’t one of them. People use Twitter for a variety of reasons. Some… Read more »

Internet Chains

There has been crap on the internet for as long as it’s existed. Anyone who’s ever used hotmail or yahoo knows the cycle of spam email, paying for new spam filters, and the emergence of new spam the filters don’t catch. Email chain-letters have followed the same format since the dawn of the interwebs, as… Read more »