Eternity’s Empire is Coming to Kindle Unlimited!

Eternity’s Empire is Coming to Kindle Unlimited!

It’s been a big year for releases; different releases than I anticipated, but exciting none-the-less. I’ve talked a bit already about changing the release schedule for Eternity’s Empire, but as we wind down the year I have one more announcement about the future of the series.

As I’ve mentioned several times, Eternity’s Empire is going to have a bi-monthly release schedule. This will allow me to spend more time developing each chapter and ensure each has a smoother release. In the past, I’ve been able to produce quality chapters but haven’t had time to advertise each one as it deserves. Which has left this series pretty obscure. I’m hoping to change that in the new year.

The first step is to pull Eternity’s Empire from the wide market and enroll it in Kindle Unlimited. Which is great for anyone subscribed to KU because it means you’ll be able to read the entire series for free!

If you haven’t already, please check out the first ten chapters in the series, handily available in these two collections:

I admit, I’m a little leery of putting all my eggs in the Amazon basket. It isn’t my first choice. I launched this series wide because I wanted it to be available to the largest number of people and accommodate all devices. But the reality is that I sell more copies of my work through Amazon than anywhere else. And from my observation, Amazon’s KU program is better suited to small, monthly serials because it allows people to read them as they come out without having to spend money on each new installment. That seems to work better than the 99 cent model.

Though I’m moving into my fourth year as a self-published author, I’m still relatively young in my career. And I’m still a marketing novice. At the moment, focusing my efforts on Amazon is giving me more returns than focusing on a wider market. In the future, I’d love to re-launch the Eternity’s Empire collection on a wide market and open it up to every device. I’d also like to do paperback releases for them. But at the moment, I have to do what feels best for the future of the series. Right now, that lies with Amazon’s KU program.

In lighter news, I have spent the last few months working on development of the next five chapters and I’m excited to share them with you. Chapter Eleven features some details about Ganga’s past and will be available early February for your reading pleasure.

If you prefer, you can also read each chapter individually:

I’ll be taking a month away from the blog to prep for next year’s releases, as well as visiting with family and enjoying the holidays. Thanks for hanging out with me this year and I hope you’ll check back for more exciting news on January 15th!

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