Island of Lost Forevers Available Now!

Island of Lost Forevers Available Now!

I’m certain you recall my announcement from a few weeks back about the upcoming release of Island of Lost Forevers, my first novel, co-written by the fabulous James Abendroth.

iolf-cover-smallThe time is now Ladies and Gentlemen; Island of Lost Forevers is available for Kindle!

Buy it from:,,, or your resident amazon address (I figured the full list is unwieldy).

Don’t forget you can read the first three chapters for free right here on the site to decide if it suits your taste.

A big thanks to everyone who helped us come to this moment, from helping put the book together, to offering to promote us, to plain moral support. We love you all and we hope you’re going to enjoy reading our book!

There has been a slight delay to the Nook release, but never fear, it is coming! Expect to see release announcements for Nook, Kobo, Smashwords and the Apple store in the upcoming weeks!

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