ReiannaThe Key to Destiny

One character I haven’t talked about much is Reianna. You may have noticed a lot of my characters interact in various settings, but Reianna is always off on her own. Her story is isolated from most of my multiverse. I don’t think she’ll ever cross into any of my other worlds, and I’m not sure… Read more »

PhagePhage and the Guardian at the Gates

I’ve done a pretty good job introducing the characters who inhabit the settings I write about most often. But I seem to have overlooked one of the main characters in my Modern Fantasy setting. I’ve talked about Domerin, Rose and Silkfoot, even Cazella. But I somehow neglected to mention Lilianna; aka Phage or, as she’s… Read more »

SilkfootTruth is a Variable State

I enjoy taking the time to introduce my worlds and characters here. It inevitably reminds me of characters I haven’t been paying enough attention to. So I’m pleased to mention one of my most amusing and entertaining characters; Silkfoot. It may seem like he often slips through the cracks, but it’s more that he likes… Read more »

CazellaThe Many Forms and Faces of Cazella

Since I started posting the writing prompts I’ve been doing for fun and practice, I’ve tried to introduce all the main characters who appear in them. So far we’ve talked about Domerin, Rose and Zita, three of my oldest and most prominent characters. Another character that crops up quite often is Cazella (in fact she… Read more »

ZitaIntroducing Zita, an Old Fanfic Character

Confession time! I may have mentioned this before, but the first stories I ever wrote were Sailor Moon fanfiction. I’m not even ashamed, because Sailor Moon is awesome. Fanfiction is great because it gives you a chance to learn the writing ropes without having to build the foundation yourself. Certain series lend themselves extremely well… Read more »

RoseRose; An Introduction

A long time ago, I had an idea. It wasn’t a very good idea, but it was one of my first so I’m quite fond of it. The idea revolved around a princess whose family and planet were caught up in a terrible war they didn’t know how to fight. So the princess ran away… Read more »

DomerinDomerin; An Introduction

I’ve been writing about Domerin for awhile now. He’s one of my favourite characters, largely because he manifests with such strength. I think it’s time to give him a proper introduction. Who is Domerin Lorcasf? (This was made by the lovely and talented Beth Alvarez) Here he is! You may have noticed that Domerin dominates… Read more »

Character Introduction: The Sorcerer

A few weeks ago, I reminisced about the creation of Island of Lost Forevers‘s leading lady, Catilen Taylor. Every protagonist needs at least one plucky companion, don’t they? We originally considered Catilen’s closest friend (and fellow kook), Damian Cooke, the story’s main character. Until we realized the character most impacted by the book’s events, the… Read more »

Character Introduction: The Empath

As I chip away at the final book in the trilogy, telling the end of a story I started more than ten years ago, my mind drifts back to the days when the Mystic Island was nothing but a couple of wispy ideas. I don’t think I’ve devoted enough time to discussing the conception and… Read more »