Island of Lost Forevers

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Symphony of the Stars

Symphony of the Stars

Book one of the Celestial Serenade Trilogy

Gaia can't forget the day the dragon descended over her city, laying waste to all she knew. Humanity flees in terror of the alien weapon, which no technology on Earth can damage. As the scattered remains of the world's population unite against the threat, Gaia finds herself at the center of the resistance. Born from the remains of a lost civilization, she alone can access the ancient technology which may prove humanity's salvation.

Alrayia has dreamed of the end of her civilization. While everyone celebrates the long awaited homecoming of Kantis, the Caltaran Empire's greatest warrior, Alrayia convinces her husband, a member of the High Council, to build the spaceships which might keep her nightmares from becoming reality. Despite Kantis's return, the war against the Cataran's ancient enemy blazes on, and the Calatarans may not be as secure in victory as they believe.

Somehow, these two women must reach across the void of space to unite their civilizations and ensure the survival of both.

Sample Chapters:
Chapter 1: City of Glass and Light
Chapter 2: Rose Paved Road