SFFSat – A Grave Misunderstanding

SFFSat – A Grave Misunderstanding

Sorry about the space between snippets. It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the Cutler household. But we’re back with a final sequence continued from here. It comes from Crossroads of Frozen Eternity, the second book of the Mystic Island Trilogy.

Thunder rumbled in the distance as the island reacted to her anger, urging her to release it in one white-hot flash. She resisted the compulsion. The island was impulsive, believing every desire a wish to be granted. Damian taught her all energy was impatient, eager to flow where a path was open. The trick to sorcery, what distinguished the good from the great, was the ability to master that flow, rather than losing oneself in the rush of power.

“Something appears to be amiss.”

“No shit.” Men didn’t normally waltz from their graves eight years after death, healthy and hale as though they never died.

It may have been the wash of the mage light, but she thought Sentomoru grew pale. “Please release your hold on the island’s power, Catilen.” He backed away until he stood at the edge of the glow. “There has been a misunderstanding. You are not the Catilen I know.”

“Does it look like I trust you?” Catilen sneered, keeping her magic ready.

That’s it from me for now ;) I’ll be off on Christmas vacation in a few weeks and I’ll be busy, busy, busy until then. But tune in next year for a series of snippets from the upcoming third novel of the Mystic Island Trilogy! In the mean time, you can read the first three chapters of Crossroads of Frozen Eternity for free, right here on my site. It’s available for purchase on Amazon and Smashwords (other sale links on the side bar).

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