Aruvalia Chronicles

Aruvalia Chronicles

A high fantasy epic that takes place in modern times

Clara awakens from a nightmare to find a strange face in the mirror. Worse, people keep calling her by a different name and insisting she’s a teenager again. All she has is a name, left in her head by a strange voice that speaks even when she begs it not to. That name is Domerin Lorcasf, and she must find him if she ever wants to go home.

Domerin is well known as a hero in the kingdom of Aruvalia – a land much like our own, except that it’s inhabited by magical creatures, powerful sorcerers, and a group of enterprising faeries that happen to run the Internet. Domerin works for a powerful group of elite warriors known as the Queen’s Division – Aruvalia’s version of the FBI. It’s within his power to help Clara, but he can’t simply drop everything to come to her aid, no matter how he might want to. Aruvalia is teetering on the brink of war. Their royal heir is missing. And there’s heavy suspicion of corruption in the ranks.

If Domerin were to listen to Clara, and the strange voice that guides her, it would mean giving up everything he’s worked so hard to achieve. It would mean going rogue and breaking the laws he once swore to uphold.

Current Status: Preparing for Publication!
Current Length: 300,000 Words (across 3 books)
Scheduled for release in 2024!

Current Status: Final Polish
Current Length: 260,000 Words (across 3 books)
Scheduled for release in 2025!

Current Status: With Beta Readers
Current Length: 384,000 Words (across 3 books)

Current Status: Editing
Current Length: 390,000 Words (across 3 books)

Current Status: Drafting
Current Length: 390,000 Words (across 3 books)

Characters featured in this project: Domerin, Rose, Silkfoot, Cazella and Phage (under the name “Mainframe”).

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