The Celestial Serenade Trilogy

The Celestial Serenade Trilogy

Genre: Space Opera

The Caltaran empire has long outclassed their neighbors in all areas of science and technology. But generations of war have begun to take their toll as the ancient conflict threatens to expand beyond their homeworld.

Meanwhile, plagued by a mysterious alien weapon no force on Earth can damage, humanity struggles to regain control of their planet. The war over dominion of Sol's third planet is about to draw humanity into the tumultuous cosmos, where it will be difficult define and defend their place.

Current Status: Final Editing Pass
Approximate Length: 210,000 words (this is basically a trilogy now)
Tentatively scheduled for release in 2021!

Current Status: With Beta Readers
Approximate Length: 209,000 words (also now a trilogy)

Current Status: Editing
Approximate Length: 256,000
(I don't even know what's happening anymore...)

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