Short Stories

Short Stories

In Love and Trust
When Rose's familiar brings home Tipsy - a familiar abandoned by her witch - Rose pledges to help the poor creature however she can. But neither luck nor fate or on Tipsy's side, until she meets a young woman the cat's absolutely determined to help. Written for a dear friend in memory of a lost pet.

Blood for the Dead
On a stormy night, on his way to an unavoidable task, the necromancer Azmih encounters a troubled young child. He stops for a kind word, and to help if he can, while a silent observer watches on.

I Did the Right Thing
Forced into the difficult decision of choosing between his long-time work partner and a stranger, Domerin deals with the aftermath of a devastating mission. His colleagues and his training tell him he did the right thing; so why can't he believe it?

There Are Things You Can't Escape
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Long after Rose's death, her daughter, Adelle, must deal with a contract her parents made while they were young. Marry the current emperor, bear him a son, and she can gain her freedom. But the current emperor is a spoiled brat and leaving any child she bore with him would only doom her offspring to the same. Can she leave the galaxy in such unfit hands?

What If It Happened Differently
What if Domerin hadn't been around for his daughter's first child? What if he'd been stuck in shuntspace for ten years instead?

A Glimpse of God
Surgically altered to interface with computer equipment, Lilianna McDougal is an experienced hacker. Join her for an adventure through her virtual world.

The Dream Time
A strange visitor comes calling in the midst of a nightmare.

How it Really Happened
A military officer in a futuristic world, Domerin Lorcasf has served his country for years while hiding a secret. Determined to secure equal rights for all military members, join Domerin as he seeks to repeal his world's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.

Falling for the First Time
Cazella has always fancied her boss, the rich and powerful CEO of the famous JW Industries, but never imagined he might share her feelings. Sometimes second love can feel just like falling in love the first time.

Rain Keeps Falling
Journeying even further into Domerin's past, here we find him in high school where he as a revealing conversation with his best childhood friend.

Icebound Isle
A world weary traveler returns to her first creation to find it dying. Is it too late to save the words she wove from the void?

Like Soil Yearns for Rain
On a sleepless night, Domerin takes some time to record his thoughts.

Bonds of Blood
A disturbing scene caught on tape; a confrontation between father and son.

In the General's Office
A glimpse into Domerin's past. Recently injured in his first military mission, he receives a disturbing revelation... and the chance of a life time.