Eternity’s Empire

Eternity’s Empire

A Space Opera

The moment she laid her hands on the crystal, Erica’s life fell apart.

Now she and her friends are caught in the middle of a century’s old struggle, wielding the power of ancient goddesses in a desperate attempt to protect their friends and family from approaching disaster.

But their opportunity to avert the imminent calamity is rapidly diminishing.

Can Erica find her strength in time to solve the mystery?

~Kindle | Paperback~             ~Kindle | Paperback~             ~Kindle | Paperback~    

~Kindle | Paperback~             ~Kindle | Paperback~    

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~Kindle | Paperback~

Series Features:
~Well-developed, strong female cast, each with a unique personality
~Grounded in mythologies from around the world including:
Hindu, Japanese, Ancient Greek, Ancient Roman, Norse, Ancient Egyptian and Mexican
~Heavily inspired by Sailor Moon
~Lesbian romance

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