The Dream Things True Duology

The Dream Things True Duology

Epic High Fantasy

Long ago, the Gods lived among their creations. Until one of their brothers went mad with power, unleashing war and destruction upon the land. In order to banish him, the Gods removed themselves from creation, forming Heaven and Hell. But the devil didn't stay long in his domain, and humanity has become trapped in the struggle between eternal powers.

The time has come for the mortal realm to end Lucifer's war once and for all, lest they become his pawns, trapped in the middle of his war for revenge and dominance. As a descendant of the divine beings who once helped lock Lucifer in his prison, the task falls to Kaylie.

Unfortunately, Lucifer has lured her into his hellish realm and robbed her of her memories using water from the river Lethe. Can she regain her memories in time to thwart his plans? Or is she doomed to spend eternity in the realm of torment?

Dream Things True includes elements inspired by Dante's Inferno, ancient Greek and ancient Canaanite mythology, and will appeal to fans of Good Omens and Lord of the Rings.

Dreamers Do Lie
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Series features:
-Rich history and world-building
-Epic journey and heart-stopping action sequences
-Complex three-dimensional character relationships
-Strong female characters
-LGBTQ+ characters and relationships

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