Someone’s Suffering Child

Someone’s Suffering Child

Book One of Everyone’s Child

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Thousands of years ago, Everyone’s Mother – the ancient goddess of creation – vanished.
But not before she spoke a prophecy.

With her final words, the goddess promised her daughter would one day complete a holy journey that would change the face of the world forever. Unfortunately, she failed to mention how the world will change – and whether it will be for better or worse.

Elayith, daughter of the goddess come at last to the mortal world, has never wanted to fulfill her mother’s prophecy. But as the power of the old church fades, its leaders force her ever closer to the undesired path. Only by fulfilling her stated purpose can she escape her mother’s shadow and gain control over her fate.

Two factions watch from the shadows as she departs, each hoping to interfere in their own way.

Explosions in the night…
Jaolyn grasped her wrist and tugged her in a new direction. But this time, Elayith batted him aside. There was more power in her arms than most people anticipated, and she slid easily from his grip.

He stumbled, and she shot in the opposite direction. Not away from Oshren Themar as most of the prisoners clearly intended to travel, but toward it.

Power thrummed through her veins with the return of her sources, and it was the matter of a thought to draw spark and flame from one of the glowing gems on her belt. It would be better if she had a candle or a lantern – but she would have an alternative source of fuel soon enough.

For now, her anger was more than sufficient. It boiled like a cauldron deep in her stomach and almost released smoke when she exhaled.

She brought her hands together as she chanted a spell, and each word felt like a spit in the faces of the mages that brought her here.

She swore they would pay for their insolence the moment she was free. And no one would expect an escaped prisoner to run toward their condemners.

She drew her hands apart, and flame ignited between them, lighting the night and illuminating her face with their warm flicker. A grin split her lips; she had never reveled in the potential for destruction before, but she couldn’t resist it now.

Then she drew her arms back as if she were about to toss a rock and flung her fire toward the first house waiting at the base of the cliff.

Despite the jungle’s humid air, the wood caught and burned like dry kindling.

Elayith trudged forward and flung a second ball of flames at another target, ignoring the shouts and cries that rose within.

It was her hope one of those flaming spheres would strike the citadel at the center of Oshren Themar before the mages who dwelt there could activate their shields.