Everyone’s Child

Everyone’s Child

A high fantasy epic

Thousands of years ago, Everyone’s Mother, the ancient creator goddess vanished – but not before speaking a prophecy.

The prophecy states that Elayith, the goddess’s daughter, will one day complete a holy journey that will change the face of the world. The catch? No one quite knows how the world will change, and whether it will be for better or worse.

Two factions watch from the shadows as Elayith undertakes her journey, each hoping to interfere in their own way.

The first is the powerful council of mages who controls all mage craft in the modern world. They fear a return to the old ways of divine magic and wish to maintain their dominance. The second is the Watchers, a group of rogue mages who hope to lead the world to a specific destiny of their choosing – a divine quest they believe grants them the right to interfere with any and all individuals.

Can Elayith overcome the challenges to fulfill her mother’s prophecy? And what will happen if she does?

~Kindle | Paperback~

Forthcoming Installments

Current Status: With Beta Readers
Current Length: 82,000 Words
Scheduled for release in 2024!

Current Status: Editing
Current Length: 111,000 Words
Scheduled for release in 2024!