Yule be Swingin’

Yule be Swingin’

In ancient days the folk of old
When chilled with fright by Winter’s cold
Did kindle up a great Yule fire
With leaping flames in its great pyre;
So to entice the waining sun
To rise again and wider run;
It’s firey course across the sky,
To warm them so they would not die.

So we, whose minds now sense a chill
Of anger in the evil will,
The human conflict hate and strife,
Which hold a meanace over life;
Would kindle up a flame of love
That we within our hearts may move,
In Yuletide joy, with love embrace
And thus abide in peace and grace.

It’s that time of year again! Last year I wrote a bit about the holiday of Yule. As usual, I’ll be taking two weeks off to celebrate the holidays, even though we’re far away from family and friends. We’ve found a lot of warmth in England, and I’m sure our holidays will be as bright and wonderful as they’ve always been. We’d like to try the Charles Dickens London audio tour, which comes highly recommended from a friend.

May your holiday, whichever one you celebrate, be full of love, warmth and joy. The blog resumes Monday, January 6th!

Merry Meet and Merry Part until we Merry Meet again!

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