Threat Risk Analysis

Threat Risk Analysis

Threat Risk Analysis Report

Threat Risk Analysis Presentation

The Project
Written as the final project for a security class in my last year at Seneca College. Presented with a fictional company network, our job was to perform a detailed threat-risk analysis. Once we had reported our findings, we were to present them as if we were a security team presenting to the company board and CEO. The network was simple, including one Linux server, one Windows Server and any number of windows PC clients. Services run by the servers included: FTP, TFTP, HTTP, RTP, VNC, SMTP, IPS, and DNS.

As this was a group project, we divided the work between us, with each of us focusing on a particular aspect of the network and performing the threat-risk analysis on that area. We then came together to outline common risks in preparation for the report and presentation. My task was to take the notes from each analysis, as well as the final discussion, and create the written report seen here. Each 'expert' then presented their own area of the analysis to the "CEO".

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