COFE Staycation – Evolution of Damian and Sentomoru

COFE Staycation – Evolution of Damian and Sentomoru

The conflict between Damian and Sentomoru is central to the Mystical Island Trilogy. Oh – did you think that was over? Not by a long shot!

Of course, like every other aspect of Crossroads of Frozen Eternity, the conflict between these two has evolved. Much of that evolution starts with Damian. While Catilen has spent the last eight years growing more confident about her position, Damian has become equally uncertain. He came to the island seeking a mentor to take him further in his studies of sorcery. Instead, he ended up serving as an instructor himself, helping Catilen to tame her newly acquired magical prowess.

But the most troubling aspect of Damian’s new life is Catilen’s daughter, Morulin. Catilen’s daughter, but not his, despite his greatest hopes. While both Catilen and Damian love Morulin and want nothing but the best for her, each struggles with her presence in their own way. Damian can’t get over the events that led to her birth, and fears how Morulin will regard him when she grows old enough to learn the truth about her real father’s death. That places him in a precarious position. He wants desperately to serve as Morulin’s father, but feels incapable of doing so. So he has removed himself in minuscule ways, placed distance between them to protect himself from the inevitable rejection.

And though Damian and Catilen’s love is as strong as it has ever been, this distance has also caused some strain between them. Especially since Damian still sees Sentomoru’s shadow in every aspect of the island. He fears what the man’s long-term connection with the island might mean for Catilen now that she’s connected to it. And he knows enough about advanced sorcery to question the finality of Sentomoru’s death.

Without spoiling any surprises, it’s safe to say that we haven’t seen the last of Sentomoru. But is he really the same as he was the last time we saw him? Were his experiences the same as Damian and Catilen remember? And is he really interested in the revenge Damian has feared for so long?

Sentomoru has undergone an evolution of his own, tempered by his encounter with Catilen and Damian, thrusting his conflict with Damian into new territory. The two of them are now on even footing in terms of capability. And Damian is certainly eager to take out his frustrations on the man who started them all. But much as before, Catilen isn’t interested in being caught in the middle of the conflict, leaving the two men to figure things out for themselves. Is there a peaceful solution? Or are the two of them doomed to duke it all out a second time? You’ll have to read to find out!

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The island is on a collision course with an alternate version of itself…

The island flourishes under Catilen’s rule. But Damian can’t escape the former lord’s shadow. It haunts him keenest in the form of Catilen’s seven-year-old daughter, Morulin. Damian wants to be part of her life, but fears rejection when she learns the truth about her father’s death.

With the island at her back, Catilen thought she could deal with any crisis. But when something tears the veil between worlds, she comes face to face with the man she spent the last eight years trying to forget. Worst of all, the island’s predicament has infected Catilen’s daughter with a mysterious ailment.

Catilen must put her personal strife aside, and stop Damian’s from consuming him, because saving the island’s inhabitants means making peace with Kenjiro Sentomoru.

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