Soul of the Earth is Finally Here!

Soul of the Earth is Finally Here!

My sincerest apologies to have kept everyone waiting for the next installment of Eternity’s Empire. I originally hoped to release this chapter last month, but 2016 made a lot more demands on my time in the last half of the year than I expected. Chapters 6 and 7 are also pivotal chapters and I wanted to make sure I had them absolutely perfect before I released them into the wild.

But the day has finally come! (This chapter just might have my favorite cover.)

The moment of truth has arrived. The awakening of Shima’s dormant powers triggers a series of latent memories for everyone. But the answers Erica and her friends receive are beyond what they could have imagined. Now that they understand the origins of their goddess-like powers, a whole new mystery unfolds around them.

It seems that Erica and her companions have become embroiled in a struggle centuries old; a struggle that their goddess alter-egos stand at the center of. Have they discovered the truth in time to act on it? As these old memories reawaken, even Nuit and Skadi may be in for a shocking revelation.

Eternity’s Empire is a series of short stories following the adventures of Erica and her friends which began in Crystal Shrouded Goddess. Each is about 10,000 words long.

Eternity’s Empire features a diverse cast of young women trying to make sense of the host of mythical elements suddenly invading their lives. It draws inspiration from various different mythologies (including Hindu, Greek, Norse, Japanese and Egyptian) as well as a story near and dear to my heart: Sailor Moon.

Purchase Soul of the Earth from from Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo or the Apple store.

If you’re new to the series, check out The Light of Eternity which contains the first five chapters; purchase links are here (plus Barnes & Noble finally decided to play nice).

You can always try the first chapter free! (check here for download links) And to celebrate the beginning of the second ‘book,’ I’ll be releasing chapter 2 for free download as well (but it may take some time for the change to reach Amazon).

As always, thank you for sharing this journey with me. The next five chapters are going to be a wild ride, and I’m excited to share them with you all!

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