Spring Waffles

Spring Waffles

It’s hard to believe how fast the year has gone; it’s already time for spring break! This year, a very good friend of mine is making the journey north to admire our beautiful mountains, eat our fabulous poutine, and make use of our nifty guest room. So I will be AFK for the next two weeks while we enjoy ourselves. (I promise, it’s just going to be the one hiatus this time!)

I don’t want to leave you without reading material if you’re visiting the blog while I’m away. If you’d like, you can read about my adventures from last year’s spring break, when we took a whirlwind tour of England and Scotland, including:

A Tour of Medieval Guildford
Stonehenge (!!!)
An Epic Walking Tour of London (which is so epic it has two entries!)
A day at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyards including visits to the HMS Warrior and HMS Victory, The Mary Rose Museum and the National Museum Royal Navy Portsmouth
A brief stop at the Viking Experience in York
Adventures in Edinburgh walking through the city and visiting the National Museum of Scotland
And an amazing visit to Dunnotar Castle

But those weren’t the end of our spring break adventures! Stay tuned for:
A stop at Urquhart Castle (coming March 30th!)
A drive through Scotland – including a visit to Loch Ness where we met Nessie!
And last (but certainly not least) quick stops in Newbury and Reading!

See you in two weeks ;) Enjoy your spring thaw!

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