The Moon God’s Quarrel

The Moon God’s Quarrel

Chapter Twelve of the Eternity’s Empire Saga

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Since the incident with the poison river, Amaterasu has been locked deep in meditation. She’s searching for answers to the questions that plague her friends. Who destroyed the gate during the mob’s march on the Earth queen’s palace? And could the same person have poisoned the river?

But rather than insight into the matter at hand, Amaterasu’s meditations lead her down an even more dangerous rabbit hole; a reminder that she recently made a deal with dark and powerful beings that inhabit the hidden spaces of the universe. And even though that timeline no longer exists, those creatures still expect to be paid.

Could the answer to both the mystery and the fulfillment of this dark contract lay in Amaterasu’s recent past?

Eternity’s Empire is a series of short stories following the adventures of Erica and her friends which began in Crystal Shrouded Goddess. Each is about 10,000 words long.

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