Lord Shiva’s Task

Lord Shiva’s Task

Chapter Eleven of the Eternity’s Empire Saga

~Kindle / Kindle Unlimited~

With the people of Earth still weary of Aeternitas and her guardians, there isn’t much for them to do while they wait for a representative of the empire to arrive. So Ganga doesn’t hesitate when Nuit and Skadi ask her to help cure a mysterious illness infecting a distant village. Ganga hopes nursing the locals back to health will prove the good intentions of her mistress and companions.

But as soon as she arrives, Ganga knows something is wrong. The village’s illness calls to the depths of her memory, to an incident which occurred on her homeworld, not long before she joined Aeternitas’s service. Can Ganga remember enough about the previous illness to save the suffering villagers before the sickness spreads? And is it possible the two incidents are somehow related?

Eternity’s Empire is a series of short stories following the adventures of Erica and her friends which began in Crystal Shrouded Goddess. Each is about 10,000 words long.

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