Summer Fun 2017

Summer Fun 2017

Hello everyone! The Island of Lost Forevers Paperback blog tour is still on, so please check it out.

Monday, July 24th I’ll be hosted by Zachary Chopchinski, author of The Curious Tale of Gabrielle
Tuesday July 25th I’ll be hosted by Eben Mishkin, author of The Hidden and the Maiden
Wednesday July 26th, I’ll be hosted by Jo Van Leerdam, poet and author of Nova
Thursday July 27th I’ll be hosted by Rachael de Vienne, author of Pixie Warrior
Friday July 28th I’ll be hosted by Jessica Lucci, poet and author of Justice for the Lemon Trees (coming later this year!)

And in case you missed it last week:

Tuesday July 18th I was hosted by Pippa Jay, author of the Redemption series
Wednesday July 19th I was hosted by Beth Alvarez, author of the After Undeath series
Thursday July 20th I was hosted by TJ Green, author of Tom’s Inheritance
Friday July 21st I was hosted by Laura Kehoe (the Book Unicorn), author of Royal Thief

In addition to the blog tour, I’m sharing the local sites with my in-laws (people visit us now that we live in such a spectacular place ;) so I’ve got my hands full at the moment. But never fear! I’ve got lots of six word stories I haven’t shared yet – remember these?

If you follow me elsewhere on social media, you’ll know that I’ve been working on a 52 week six word story challenge. The idea is to write a different six word story every week based on the prompt provided. Because I like pain (apparently), I’ve decided to do four different six word stories every week, based on a selected set of characters. This makes it a little extra challenging because I’m tailoring each story to their personality, drawing on little bits and pieces of their stories. The characters I chose for this exercise are Domerin, Rose, Cazella and Silkfoot (two characters I write fairly often and two characters I thought could use a little extra love). Their personalities and perspectives are vastly different, which has made this exercise both challenging and fun.

Here are weeks eleven through fifteen:

Week 11: “Collaborate with someone on a six word story.” (I collaborated with my writing partner to write these)

Domerin (featuring Crescent):
“Share your burden?” “Another night, perhaps.”

Rose (featuring Xavior):
“Strength lies where?” “In the mind.”

Cazella (featuring Cresent):

“Love isn’t real.” Crescent: “It is, rarely.”

Silkfoot (featuring Kestrel):
“What’s your dream?” “Soaring with you.”

Week 12: “Write a six word story where all words must have the same number of syllables!”

Domerin: “I came to rest not fight.”

Rose: Trouble follows clever little kittens around.

Cazella: Use a smile as a shield.

Silkfoot: Smiling dispels boredom during simple moments.

Week 13: “Write a six word story about the hardest decision you have had to make in your lifetime.”

Domerin: “Sacrifice my career on a whim?”

Rose: “Test fate or trust the vision?”

Cazella: “A slave cannot marry her master.”

Silkfoot: “Confession: I’m not what I seem.”

Week 14: “Tell a story from an animal’s point of view.”

Domerin: The scent of blood exhilarates him.

Rose: Lazing in sunbeams, she listens closely.

Cazella: She can’t break the short chain.

Silkfoot: The rushing wind is freedom incarnate.

Week 15: “Write a haiku using six words.”

Resistance falters,
Bloodlust consumes everything;


Luminescence awakens
Wherever you go.

Eradicate fear,
Embrace Opportunity,
Celebrate Freedom.

A critical factor of

(Those haiku were super hard to write you guys!)

I know there wasn’t a prompt last week (due in part to the blog tour and in part to the guests), but there will be one this week and we’ll be back to the regular schedule on Monday (at least for a little while ;).

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