Introducing The Light of Eternity – Book 1 of Eternity’s Empire

Introducing The Light of Eternity – Book 1 of Eternity’s Empire

Early last year I set out to produce a series of serial short stories surrounding a group of college age girls who suddenly discover they have the magical abilities of ancient goddesses. I started with an outline and quickly threw it out, enjoying the thrill of going where the story took me. I use this story to relieve the strain and intensity of my longer, longer-term projects and to keep content flowing while I search for an agent for my next big project.

A year ago I had no idea how Eternity’s Empire was going to turn out or if it was even a good idea. Today I can safely say I’m glad I embarked on this journey. There are a lot of exciting things coming for this project in 2017, but the first is a look back at all that has already happened.

If you haven’t read Eternity’s Empire, you can now get all 5 chapters in a single click:

The moment she laid her hands on the crystal, Erica’s life fell apart.

The special archaeological dig in Antarctica was supposed to be a path to redemption for Erica Brown, a chance to escape university conduct probation and looming threats of expulsion. But a chance to explore the dig’s prized temple ends in disaster when Erica damages the site’s most valuable artifact.

Now she and her friends are haunted by strange visions and stuck in the center of a bizarre series of events. While her friends appear to have acquired magical powers, Erica isn’t so lucky. Her next misstep could be a death sentence and she’s powerless to help her friends. United by their plight, the girls struggle to make sense of the situation while preventing further catastrophe.

Can Erica discover her hidden strength in time to solve the mystery?

This book contains chapters 1-5 of the Eternity’s Empire saga (Crystal Shrouded Goddess, Light of Eternity, Curse of Chronos, Dance with Death, and Dark Rituals), previously published separately.

Purchase from: Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, or the iStore

There’s never been a better time to get involved in Eternity’s Empire and I hope you will share the rest of this crazy journey with me! To everyone who has already read and supported my work; THANK YOU! I could not continue to do this you!

For those wondering what happened to chapter six; it’s set for release on February 7th 2017!

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