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Perl Projects

Perl Projects

A portfolio of my most recent programs built using Perl. The newest and best programs are featured at the top of the list.

Macross Character Creation Form
Built for the final project of one of my classes in my last year at Seneca College, this form was put together for an online RPG in order to automate the character creation process used by the players. The form emphasizes ease of change to visual aspects of the user interface without risk of breaking program functionality, as well as a sleek, easy to navigate user interface. The form has been implemented by the online community and is currently used by all new players.

King James Bible Search 2.0
Written as part of a class project during my last year at Seneca College, this search tool includes a more complex paging design, including a sliding window of search results which users can adjust using 'next' and 'previous' buttons, as well as 'first' and 'last' buttons to jump easily to the beginning and end of search results. It also includes support for more advanced searches.

King James Bible Search
Written as part of a class project during my last year at Seneca College with the goal of becoming familiar with Template Toolkit, an add-on for Perl. The search is fully functional and includes a drop down menu paging system which allows users to easily navigate and adjust the window of available search results. This version is no less functional than it's 2.0 counterpart and demonstrates a different solution for one of the programming challenges presented to the class (pagination).